Hoist Finance further strengthens position in SME-segment

2017-01-23 08:30

Hoist Finance has acquired an additional portfolio from Banco BPM. The portfolio is similar to the SME-portfolio acquired in October 2016 and consists of approximately 1,800 claims with a nominal value of 641 million euros. This is the fourth portfolio Hoist Finance acquires from the seller.  

Emanuele Reale, Head of Sales, Hoist Finance Italy, describes the acquisition as a proof of Hoist Finance’s strong position in the Italian market and the successful expansion in unsecured non-performing claims from small-and-medium sized enterprises (“SMEs”).

“The Italian banking sector is undergoing structural change where sales of non-performing loans are becoming an integral part of the financial ecosystem. We foresee substantial growth in the Italian market over the coming years and we will continue to build our position as a leading and trusted debt restructuring partner to Italian banks. Alongside our offering in the consumer segment, we have in a successful way also extended our offering in other segments.” says Emanuele Reale, Head of Sales, Hoist Finance Italy. 

For further information please contact: 

Michel Jonson, Group Head of Investor Relations 

Telefon: +46 (0)8 555 177 19


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